Daring to Live by Grace
Home Sweet Home

Ugh. Too perfect.

I’m back in swing of things at the office. I adore working for Kenny and Alex; never a dull moment with those two. We are trying to have The Music Coalition webpage launched by Friday so I’m swamped with HTML and Photoshop- AND I LOVE IT.

Today’s intern meeting was wonderful- Suz, Timmy and Jed did a fantastic job (as always). Nice little encouragement to finish the week strong. 

Jed challenged us to discover our life’s intention. Once we fully dig deep to find the core of our intention, we must live our life with that intention every waking moment.

So what’s my intention? I’m just not sure yet.

I feel like it is one part living a life that breaks all stereotypes about Christianity, while still living a life that is Christ centered and biblically sound. 

But I feel how I live that out and feel most fulfilled is when I am being a servant. Nothing makes me happier than to make life easier for others. I love surprising people with a small treat they enjoy. Or taking a huge project off someone’s plate so that they can just breathe for once. I despise having idle hands when I know others are missing out on life. 

I just want others to feel loved, appreciated and connected. And when they ask why I care- I am fully able to say because I have an overflowing love I don’t deserve. 

What is my intention for life? Where is my identity? 

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